2 Reasons to Send Your Online Customers to Your Competition

Entrepreneurs are competitive people.  That’s a great trait to have, in most cases, but it can be a flaw in Internet marketing.

When you start a business on a city street, you need to do everything you can to make sure customers walk in your door and not your neighbor’s.  Things are much different in the cyber world.  You can actually benefit from customers who think your competition is better than you.

A long time ago (in Internet years), the cybergods invented something that most people are still not using to its potential.  It’s called the affiliate program.  As you probably know, an affiliate program is when you get paid a commission for sending customers to an online store.

When you start a business online, you should realize that many will go elsewhere to purchase the same thing you have to offer.  Instead of watching your customers go with your tail between you legs, send them packing with a cookie… a cyber cookie that allows you to still profit from a customer that thinks you suck.

When I sold hearing aids online, I did whatever I could to get people to buy my brand of hearing aid.  Then, one day, I decided to replace my AdWords ads for my website with ads for a squeeze page.  The squeeze page offered a free report on where to buy hearing aids online.  I signed up as an affiliate with all of my competitors and put a nice PDF file together.  After visitors input their email addresses, they would get a description of all the places they could go for discount hearing aids online, any specials that were happening, and a comparison of the various products.  Of course, my company was at the top of the list.

This accomplished two things:

  1. No matter where they decided to buy, I still made a profit.
  2. I retained their email address and was able to continue marketing my brand to them.

So, turn those frowns upside down when a customer leaves your site and figure out the best way for you to make some from your competition.

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