6 Simple Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter is an incredible place to share knowledge and interact with a large number of like-minded people.   It is also a place where your company can be given a voice, a personality, and compassion for your customers.  Building a large Twitter audience is a great way to increase awareness in your brand or yourself.

Here are some killer tips on building your platform quickly…

  • Send personal messages to at least five influential people in your niche a day.  To send a personal message, you use the @ symbol in front of a person’s username.  For example, @EBrianRose.  Replies are good too, but be aware that only you and the person you are replying to will see your comments. If you want everybody to see the message, put a period in front of the @ symbol.
  • Hashtags are not just for sarcasm.  Millions of people a day use the search feature to find topics of interest.  They way you categorize your Tweets is with a hashtag, but most people use hashtags as joke, for example #dumbass or #idiotalert.  Try posting about and using hashtags for popular search terms.  You can see what is trending on the left sidebar of your Twitter homepage.
  • Don’t just Tweet links to your squeezepages or blog posts.  If you find an article on the web that was helpful to you, tell your followers about it, too.  They will appreciate it.  this also leads to more reTweets, which leads to more followers.  When you do post links to your own blog posts, make sure you are only Tweeting about posts that you think your followers will appreciate.
  • Mention major companies or major brands in your blog posts, then when you do Tweet your link out, use that company’s name in a hashtag, letting your followers know there is a great article about #BrandX.  The same goes for celebrities or influential people in your niche.
  • Follow all the influential people in your niche.  Some people make the mistake of hitting the folllow button for everybody they see.  This causes your Twitter newsfeed to be cluttered with random thoughts about random topics, most of which you will care less about.  Remember, Twitter is a communication tool, so use it wisely.
  • Let your audience know how to follow you.  If you maintain an ezine or email list, make sure you ask people to follow you in every mailing.  Every article on your blog should have a way for the reader to reTweet and follow you.


There are many other ways to increase your social media influence.  These are a starting point.  Keep researching and be sure to put what you learn into practice.  With a strong social influence, you can increase awareness of your business and make more sales.

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