A New Way to JV Partner

Back in my professional poker playing days, we had something called a “save”.  We all knew you couldn’t possibly cash in on every tournament we entered, so we sought out partners.

You would say, “Hey Joe, wanna do a save with me?”  If we did a save for 10%, that would mean I get 10% of Joe’s winnings and he gets 10% of my winnings.  That way, if Joe cashed and I did not, I would still get money, usually enough to get my buy-in back.  Often times I would do saves with multiple people at the same time.

This same type of “save” can be done with an Internet marketing partner.

For example, let’s say you and a friend are launching products around the same time frame.  You can hedge your bets, the same way we did in the poker business, by trading a piece of the pie with each other.

“Saving” with a buddy is also great if you are launching products weeks away from each other.  For instance, your pal is busy working on his new launch, but your product is ready to go.  You offer him a small percentage of the sales from your launch in exchange for a small percentage of sales from his upcoming launch.  This keeps both of you in the money making game, even when you are busy working on your next big thing.

Creating a “save” is simple with sites like JVZoo.  When you set up a product for sale in the JVZoo marketplace, you are allowed to add joint venture (JV) partners and designate how much of the sale price will go to each of your partners.

This type of JV partnering can keep a flow of income coming in, even during your down time.  Partner up with one pal or a few, just make sure you keep the majority of your profits to yourself.

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