A Strong First Impression can Help Supplement Your Income as a Blogger

Making money as a blogger can be a tiresome journey that involves a lot of hard work and patience.  You will most certainly need a way of supplementing your income while you are waiting for your blog dollars to roll in.  One way to earn a quick and stable income is by writing articles for others.

As a blogger, you already have a passion for writing.  Most likely, you believe that you possess the skills necessary to draw in readers.  If not, you are in the wrong field to begin with!

I am often in need of talented writers to punch out articles day after day.  There are thousands of others who also seek talent like this.  Personally, I hit the chat forums when I have a need for new talent.  It is a great way for people like me to find diamonds in the ruff and a great way for people like you to find some good paying side jobs, but before applying for such jobs, you should learn to follow directions.

About a month ago, I posted a thread in a chat forum to recruit a new writer.  The thread was very specific in what I wanted.  I specifically stated that all applicants must:

1. submit a sample article with their initial contact
2. provide links to at least five of their articles that were previously published
3. write with perfect English and grammar
4. be available for multiple articles per week

Within just a few minutes, my inbox was filled with people wanting the gig.  The very first message that I read was a single line that said something like, “sir I can do the work you had request”.  I contemplated whether to just hit the delete button or reply telling the “writer” that he was a good for nothing loser.  I chose the later and it felt good.

Out of the first 100 responses that I read, only a couple of them actually followed the directions.  One of them was hired and continues to receive well paying jobs from me every week.

It may sound cliche to say, but it is a fact that you only get one first impression.  If you are seeking work as a writer, webmaster, or even a waiter for that matter, make sure that you present yourself as a professional.  If you fail to follow the first instructions that a potential employer gives you, what do you think the chances of being hired for the job are?

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