6 Steps to Being a Successful Blogger Without Being an Expert

A lot of folks want to start and maintain a money making niche blog, but they just don’t know what to write about.  How about with yourself?

No matter what your niche is, people want to read about another individual who shares their interest.  They want somebody to follow, but that somebody doesn’t always have to be a “guru” of the niche.

  1. Instead of portraying yourself as an expert, be yourself and blog about your experiences.  For example, if you are trying to lose weight, make posts about your progress and even post pictures.  If you buy a product, make a post about the results you experienced from that product.
  2. Don’t forget to incorporate your affiliate links into your stories.  Every time, you mention a product you have used, make it an affiliate link. This means taking the time to become an affiliate of every product you purchase.  Do that!  Write about how the product helped you or how it didn’t help you.  These stories become reviews and your readers will appreciate that more than you know.  Some of the most successful affiliate marketers make their sales using this exact method.
  3. If your niche is about making money online, you should write about your income.  Some of the biggest threads on IM forums, like the Warrior Forum, are from newbies that post about how they made their first sale.  People love to see success stories, even if the success is small.  It gives them hope and justifies their own efforts.
  4. Make your blog posts interactive.  Encourage your readers to make comments on your blog.  You can do this by asking for advice or opinions.  The more interactive your blog site is, the more people will want to be included and that means regular visitors to your site.
  5. Don’t stop at just words.  If you have a webcam and a microphone, you can easily create a daily video that tells about your experiences with various products.  These videos can be used on a YouTube Channel and also embedded into your blog site.  As you build a catalog of videos, you will also be building a viewership.
  6. Remember, the key to successfully building loyal followers is to be truthful in your reviews.  Most people that write reviews lie.  Everything they promote is the “best of the best”.  Readers will see right through this.  Be honest and you will gain the trust of your readers.  When you have their trust, sales just come naturally.

A word of warning:  If you have something bad to say about a product, be sure and use tact.  If you commit libel, you could be held responsible in court.  For example, if you ate at a restaurant and got sick, it may be OK to say, “I felt ill within thirty minutes of eating at Joe’s Diner.”  It is NOT OK to say, “Eating at Joe’s Diner will make you sick.”  For more on how to protect yourself and not do what one silly blogger did, read this: Blogger Ordered to Pay Me Tens of Thousands for Defamation

By doing these simple things, you are making the building of your own online business into a journey everyone can follow along with.  Newbies in your niche will appreciate reading about and getting to know another proactive newbie.  As your success increases, so will your readership and income from the blog.

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