Beware of Internet Marketing Forums that Can Make You Stupid

As an Internet marketer, you should be constantly seeking knowledge.  The online landscape changes almost every year and it is important to keep up with the latest trends.  Just like a high school kid deciding what college to go to, you too should be particular of where you choose to get your education from.

There are hundreds of forums that cater to the IM niche, with tens of thousands of members chiming in on various topics throughout the day.  But be forewarned that most of these chat forums will make you dumber than you already are.

Just last night, I was reading some threads at a popular IM forum and couldn’t believe what people were writing. A newbie started a thread about how one of his websites went quasi viral and he was now getting over 3,000 unique visitors a day.  He asked the community how he should attempt to monetize from the traffic.  The answers that he received were dumbfounding.

One guy told the newbie that he should throw some AdSense banners up and move on to the next project, because that site is “complete”.  Six or seven others agreed with that advice.  The worst part is that our astute educator had over 3,000 posts under his belt.  That means that he is probably spending all day and night giving bad advice to hundreds of people.  Newbies see his high post count and think that he is an authority figure, so they listen to him.  The result is undoubtedly failure.

Most of these chat forums are filled with the blind leading the blind.  Digital Point comes to mind.  Unless you are in the mood for a good laugh, you should avoid that forum at all costs when seeking marketing advice.

There are some good places to go to get community advice.  My favorite place to shoot the sh*t is the Warrior Forum.  This site has a good balance of newbies, intermediates, and pros all willing to share their knowledge of Internet marketing.  In addition to actually being able to learn something, you can also make money at the Warrior Forum.  They offer a very high traffic category called Warrior Special Offers (WSO).  This category allows you to post advertisements for reports, ebooks, or software that are helpful to the IM community.  The forum charges a premium for posting these offers, but the return is usually great.  They even offer a secure download system that is similar to e-junkie.

Another feature of the Warrior Forum is their Joint Venture (JV) category.  You can find list swap partners with for lists of all sizes.  There is no charge to participate in list swapping.  See Joint Venture List Building Snowball Effect for more on that topic.

You may have a favorite IM community to hang your hat, but isn’t it time that you asked yourself if you are really gaining anything from being there?  Time is a very valuable thing.  Don’t waste it on sites that fill your head with useless crap.

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