Caleb Spilchen – The 16 Year Old Blogger Training Replay

I wanted to send out big kudos to Caleb Splichen for his performance in last night’s webinar.  Caleb is the 16 year old IM phenom that I have been touting in recent emails.  He is an expert in making money with niche blogs and even better at teaching others to do the same.

In last night’s webinar, Caleb demonstrated how easy it is to set up a blog… and then the good stuff began.  He and I shared some fantastic tips about the difference between cold leads and hot leads and how to attract the later.  When I woke up this morning, I had a pile of emails from folks that were thanking me for having him on last night.  Really, it was my pleasure.

Caleb is a young guy with a great future ahead of him.  He is enthusiastic and teaches his courses in a no BS manner.  He reminds me of a teenage version of E. Brian Rose.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I have never been to Canada, I would think that he was my illegitimate son.  ;)

Here is a replay of the webinar.  Feel free to skip around to get to one of the many nuggets that Caleb dropped on us last night.

The video file is quite large, so here is a link that you can right click and save if you want to watch it off of your own hard drive.  Note that the screen is just white for the first three or four minutes.  The presentation is viewable in its entirety when I switch it over to Caleb.

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