Case Study: How I Made $2100 in 17 Minutes

NOTE: The story below is from 2010, but the method still works today.  I see it happening everyday.

17minutesOn a Saturday afternoon in late 2010, I was in sitting in a hotel room getting ready to go to a late lunch and then a Huey Lewis concert. As always, I had my laptop with me and was perusing an Internet marketing forum that I surfed regularly. I came across a buzz word that I had not heard yet. That buzz word was “crowdfunding”. Interested in learning more about the topic, I did a quick Google search. The time was 2:30 PM.

I found a lot of blog posts and links to sites that specialize in this. I learned that crowdfunding was a form of funding where entrepreneurs get donations from others that want to see them succeed. It seemed to be a new concept and people were jumping on it like crazy. Some of the major news outlets had even done features on it recently.

After spending a solid five minutes researching the topic, I concluded that this is something that I think my list of email subscribers would want to know about. So, at 2:35, I began to search for ebooks on the topic that offered either private label rights or master resale rights. I found a 50 page overview on the topic for $9. It was not PLR, but it did allow me to resell the book. I bought the book and read through it very quickly. It was pretty informative and gave overviews of all of the different crowdfunding sites. It was a winner.

At 2:40, I uploaded the ebook and set the purchase price for $7. That took about two minutes. I then drafted a short email that explained what crowdfunding was and why I think it is a topic that IMers should learn more about. At the bottom of the email was a link to purchase the ebook for $7. There was not a sales page, just a link to make the purchase. I didn’t make this a high pressure sales pitch. In fact, I stated that the information is online, but if they wanted to save time, they could purchase this ebook and get the low down right now.

At 2:46, I pasted the email draft into my AWeber account and sent a broadcast to my list (my Aweber list had only about 1,800 subscribers at the time).  I also pasted it into my blog and set it so that WordPress published it the following day.

The email blast was completed at 2:47. At 2:48, my first sale came through. A few more came in over the next five minutes. At 2:58, I left the room to go and meet my wife at the steak house.

I didn’t check my stats until Monday morning. I had exactly 300 sales for a total of $2100. Not bad for 17 minutes worth of work!

If you are a list owner that constantly provides value in your mailings, then you too can have results like this, no matter what niche you are in. The key is to be a helpful mentor in your niche. Then, when you do have something to offer or an affiliate program to push, your recommendations are taken that much more seriously.

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