Don’t Rush to Buy Product Launches

By now, you are all familiar with the “launch” phase of a product, particularly an IM product.

If not, here is a very brief summary of how it works:

Phase One: The product creator recruits affiliates

Phase Two: Affiliates receive pre-sales letters that they send out to their lists.  There are usually a series of these that are sent over a period of a few days.  They may even include a free ebook or other download.

Phase Three: The product creator instructs all of the affiliates to “pull the trigger” by sending out the “Go Go Go” email.  Now all of the affiliates blast their
mailing lists with buy now emails.

These buy now letters usually have a sense of urgency in them, making you think that if you don’t buy the product at that very moment you will risk being “shut out”.  We all know by now that the scarcity tactic works well on newbies, but are you still falling for it?  I hope not.

Product launches usually do great during the first week, but the sales quickly die off and both the affiliates and the product creator move on to the next big thing.

That leaves me to the question of why would you want to be one of the first customers of a product, especially if it is a money making method type of product?  Wouldn’t you want to see if it works first?  What about the support?  Wouldn’t you want to see how the support is for that product a few weeks after the hype has died down?

My suggestion to you is to wait.

Wait until the reviews are up… and I don’t mean the fake copied and pasted reviews made by affiliates.  I am talking about real reviews by real customers.  You can usually find such reviews at the Warrior Forum or other forums within the niche of the product you are interested in.

One recent example is the launch of Contest Burner.

I have been bombarded with emails about this WordPress plugin that “launched” this week.

I have to admit, I have heard positive things about Contest Burner from IM gurus that used it successfully before it launched, but wouldn’t you want to hear this from somebody that isn’t an online guru?  I know I would.

If you are the type of person that feels the need to brag about being the first to use a product, then ignore everything that I have written, but if you are somebody that cares about their wallet and wants to know that you are getting the most out of your purchase decisions, then wait to see if the darn thing works or not before buying!

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