Even a Moron Can Make Money Blogging

Most people think that there is no way that they can write for a living.  The fact is that most writers that do write for a living are horrible writers.  Does that make you feel better?

The other day, I was at the book store looking through the marketing section.  For you younger folks that grew up on the Internet, a book store is where they sell actual books that you can hold and turn the pages.

You should have seen the amount of crap that they were selling!  There was one book whose title gave you the impression that this was a book on how to make money as a blogger.  I flipped through it and the first half of the book was about the history of the Internet and how to use Google to look up stuff.  Really?  How to use Google to look up stuff?  It is clear that just about anybody that can put a few sentences together can get a book published, but I’m not here to talk about book publishing.  I’m here to talk about blogging.

As easy as it may be to get a nonsense book published, it is a thousand times easier to start a blog.  There are many free services that will have your blog up and running in less than a minute.  For those that aren’t complete morons and have ten bucks to spend on a domain name, you can set up your own blog with WordPress in just a few minutes.

There are a number of things that you can blog about.  Some of the most successful blogs are simply about what that person did that day.

The first blog that I ever followed was back in 1998.  It was a daily journal written by a young guy who worked in an office.  He wrote about the ugly girl that he shared a cubicle with and all of the stupid things that she did and said at work.

This guy was no literary genius.  His blog posts were usually short blips of stupidity that made me laugh and want to bitch slap this girl, but guess what… he ended up making uber money with that blog.  It was an entertaining break from the day for me and apparently millions of others.

Eventually, the “ugly girl” blog disappeared and years down the road I heard that was because the blogger died in a car accident, but I digress…

Another blog that I followed was by a guy in New York who writes about his crappy life.  This guy jots down the mistakes that he makes on a daily basis, how his wife is cheating on him, evictions, dog bites, and other fun to read about tragedies.

Again, this guy is no Mark Twain.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that he is drunk most of the time.  One time, he made a post that was one single sentence made up of about two hundred words.  He is not the sharpest cookie on earth, but he does have followers.

I once emailed this train wreck and asked him how much he was making with the AdSense banners on his site.  He replied saying that he was making $800 a month and it was his only source of income.  I told him that I could help him make more with a few tips.  His response was that he had a toothache and could not type anymore that night.  I never heard back from him again.

Like my two favorite bloggers, you too can be an idiot blogger making money with the words that you write.  You don’t have to have a degree in forensic wordcrafting.  You can be as stupid as you already are and make a living doing it.

The key to making a living as a blogger is to write about something you love.  It doesn’t matter if that something is yourself or movies or even the ugly girl that shares a cubicle with you.

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