Fill Your Pipeline with Native Offers for Trickle In Sales

Years ago, I sold home alarm systems. We got paid 100% commission, meaning we did not have a base salary and only made money after an install took place. Real Estate agents, mortgage brokers, and many other fields work the same way.

The key is to fill your pipeline up, so you always have a future income to look forward to. The same goes for affiliate marketing. The more offers you have out there, the more sales will come in.

If you are an affiliate marketer that mails offers via email, it is not in your best interest to send one offer a month or less. You need a constant flow of offers out there. You will almost always make the most from your most recent offer, but you will get trickle sales from your past offers, as well. Keep that pipeline filled and those trickle in sales will really start to add up.

This does not mean you should grab as many affiliate links as you can and bombard your lists with them. That doesn’t work and you would be doing a disservice to your subscribers. Take the time to find offers that you genuinely believe will help your subscribers and keep them flowing. Also, the way you present your offers will be the difference of your readers feeling like you are helping them or feeling like they are just targets. Native advertising is the way of the future. This is when you embed your advertisement in content the reader will find value in. Instead of just telling them why they should buy a certain product, try including a story that will help them understand why they should buy a product. This can be done with a case study. If you have used the product yourself, tell them about how it helped you. Include the results. If you haven’t used the product, interview somebody that has and give a case study on that person.

The more offers you have, presented in a way the reader finds value in, will result in more sales coming your way. Fill the pipelines and watch your income rise when sales from many different products come trickling in, day after day.

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