Following Instructions Can be the Key to Internet Marketing Success

I read a lot of Internet marketing blogs and so should you.  Last night, I came across a good post at Anna Johnson’s blog.  Anna posted a list of reasons why Internet marketing systems fail.  One of her reasons stood out to me: #3 You don’t follow the system exactly.

I have been teaching people to do what I do for quite a while now.  Some of my students have gone on to great success, some moderate success, and some just fail miserably.  The main reason for those peoples’ failure is that they do not follow directions.

Many get into the Internet marketing arena because they have heard the stories of people making fortunes in their underwear.  They think that there is a magic switch that you turn on and instantly you are living the life of an online millionaire.  When they make the decision to jump in, they find themselves on a constant search for that magic switch.

Whenever I develop a course, it is always an exact blueprint of what I have done to achieve success.  Most of these blueprints I have duplicated successfully time and time again, however, some people are just too lazy to follow instructions.  These are the people that email me again and again asking where they went wrong or accuse me of not including all of the instructions.  Even though I haven’t made any mistakes in five years… I mean nothing, not even forgetting to turn the oven off… I appease the person with, “OK, maybe I left something out, let’s go through what you have done step by step.”

What do ya know… 99.9% of the time, the student has skipped a crucial step or two or three.  Sometimes, they haven’t even done a thing.  After I point out the steps that they have skipped, I usually get a bunch of excuses as to why they have skipped them.  I have heard, “I’m in college and didn’t have the time”.  I’ve heard, “I did do that, something must have happened.”  I have even heard, “I just thought it would be easier if I did it this way.”  Others have told me that they ordered several courses from several different people and tried to combine them all together.  Ya, how did that work out for ya?

For a long time I tried to be nice to these people.  I would take them by the hand and walk them through each step, but then I realized that the only work that they will ever do is when I am standing over them.  This is not good for them and certainly not good for me.  If somebody pays me $200 for a complete blueprint course and I spend the next three months emailing them six times a day, then my profit goes down to just pennies an hour.  Nowadays, after they admit to me that they skipped a few steps, I usually tell them point blank that they are a loser and will never make it in this business.  Tough love, baby.

For those of you still searching for the magic switch that will make you an instant mogul, I am here to tell you that it does not exist.  Succeeding in Internet marketing takes hard work and dedication.  If you are too lazy to dedicate yourself to one single course, then there is little hope for you.  McDonalds is always hiring.

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