Google Opt-In for AdWords – Finally a Google Change I Want!

Usually, when Google announces a a change it makes marketers shake in their boots (i.e. Panda Update).  This time, Google is playing around with what could be a game changer.

So, what is this latest Googlism I speak of?  How does adding a subscriber to your mailing list without forcing them to even view your website sound?

Google is testing a new feature for AdWords users that will show an opt-in box in the search engine results pages.  Viewers that are logged into Google won’t even have to enter their email address.  It will be filled in for them.  One click of the subscribe button and they are in like Flynn.

Alexia Tsotsis from TechCrunch hit up Google for an explanation.  She reports in her latest article they responded with the following…

“We’re currently running a small experiment of a new ad format that helps users sign up more easily for email subscriptions or other free newsletters. This new ad format contains a box within the ad that displays a user’s Google email address (if logged in). If a user chooses to click ‘Subscribe to newsletter’ then the email address is sent to the advertiser directly, which is clearly disclosed within the ad itself.”

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is one test that gets ut of the sandbox and into the mainstream.  My guess is that it will be pricey, which will keep the majority of wannabe marketers away.  Those that are willing to pay will be highly rewarded.

Here is a screen shot of what these email opt-in ads look like:

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