How to Significantly Increase Your Number of Affiliates

As a long time affiliate marketer, there are three main things I look for before agreeing to promote a product. Each of these things are equally important to create a win-win-win situation, meaning a win for the seller, a win for me as the affiliate, and a win for the customer buying the product.

First and foremost, I only promote products that I think will be of value to my subscribers and blog readers.

Second, I look to see what the financial benefit is for me. This includes the current EPC. Is your sales copy converting?

The third piece of the puzzle is an easy message. Will it be easy for me to convey to my readers what it is you are selling? This is where the product creator has an opportunity to push me over the edge and pull me in, but it is also the most overlooked factor. If I cannot explain to my readers why they should click on my affiliate link and check out your product, then nobody is going to win.

So, how can a product creator help an affiliate convey the message to their readers? The easiest way is to provide them with what we call “swipe files”. Swipe files are emails written by the product creator and given to affiliates. Some will simply copy and paste those swipe files right into their email messages, while others will change them up a bit to add their own personality. The latter is the recommended choice, by the way.

Remember, the swipe you create may be sent out to tens of thousands of potential buyers, so it should not be a rushed job. Instead of throwing a few words together and dishing them out as swipe copy, do some testing. If you have a list of your own, send different versions to separate segments of your list. Use the emails with the best clickthrough rates as your swipe material.

How to Deliver Swipe

If your affiliate platform allows you to add notes to affiliates, you should add the swipe there. This way, when affiliates are deciding on a product to promote, you have an upper hand on the lazy sellers that did not include swipe. JVZoo allows you to paste in HTML, so you can format your notes to affiliates and swipe material anyway you want. Other platforms, like Warrior Plus, only allow a few characters. When you don’t have enough room for swipe, use that area to provide a URL to a JV page, where you publish the swipe emails.

Example of Great Swipe Delivery

Soren Jordansen, John Merrick and Cindy Battye make up the team known as IM Wealth Builders. They sell huge amounts of product and have hundreds of loyal affiliates. Part of the reason is the attention they pay to to people willing to promote for them. Take a look at one of their affiliate info pages. This was created by using JVZoo’s “Notes to Affiliates” field on the product setup page:

Here is some sample code that you can edit and then copy and paste in the “Notes to Affiliate” field at JVZoo. It will create the text box look used in the example above.  Grab it here.

Sometimes, product creators create a JV page, specifically for communicating with affiliates.  These pages usually have a message to potential affiliates and information about their product launch.  Most of these pages have swipe emails, too, but the biggest problem I see is forcing affiliates to opt-in to a list, before they are able to see the swipe.  It’s OK to ask an affiliate to be n your notification list, but you will see a lot more action if you leave those swipes unprotected.

Providing swipe material for your affiliates makes it easier for them to convey your message with less effort. Ignore this and a lot of affiliates will ignore your product.

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