Increase Your Webinar Audience with these Simple Tricks

Filling seats for your webinars is one of the biggest challenges webinar marketers face. These two tricks have been found to significantly increase the audiences of webinars… and they are both very easy to implement.

1. Using Affiliates to Fill Seats

You can easily enlist the help of affiliates to fill seats by having them mail for your webinars and get instant (or delayed) commissions by using JVZoo.

Here’s how to do it…

When setting up the product in your JVZoo account, paste the GoTo registration URL in the field marked “Landing Page / Sales Funnel / Squeeze Page / Prelaunch”.


Adding the GoToWebinar registration page URL (or whatever  service you use) to that field will cause all affiliate links to be directed to this page. Visitors will be cookied to the affiliate that sent them there when they land on that page.  At the end of the webinar, if the visitor buys the product, the affiliate will receive the commission.

The page that you direct your webinar attendees to buy will be the URL you use in the field marked “Sales Page URL”. This is the page your JVZoo buy button will be on. I always recommend this page have just a small amount of product info on it (and privacy policy, disclaimer links, etc.). The reason I say that is because if they went to that page, that means you already sold them. Make it easy for them to click the buy button and proceed. You don’t want to give buyers a reason to not buy, once you have them.

IMPORTANT:  If you send out a replay notice, you should change the URL of the landing page from the webinar registration page to the URL of the replay.  The sales page URL should remain the same.

2. Automatically Add Buyers to a Webinar

This feature is pretty new to JVZoo, but it is amazingly effective.

On the “Edit Product” page of JVZoo, there is a new box labeled “Webinar Integration”.  This allows you to have all buyers of your product automatically added to any Webinar created on the GoToWebinar platform.


Once they are added, GoTo will automatically send out notifications reminding them to attend.  If you add your buyers to a mailing list, you can also send out reminders.  This is a great way to upsell or provide further training to your buyers.  It is also a great way to sell “pay per view” webinar tickets.

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