Klout Scores of Top Marketing Professionals – and Why You Want to Be on the List

After a series of FaceBook posts about Klout, it was requested that someone make a “leaderboard”.  Well, here it is. I will add new names, frequently. Comment below if you are a marketer that wants to be added (minimum 70 score).

The leaderboard is below, but first, Why is Klout beneficial?

5 Reasons You Want a High Klout Score 

Well that was an interesting day! The topic of Klout trended within our community, all stemming from a single single FaceBook post.  It trended well into today, hundreds of new threads popped up about the ranking system. Even Brian Anderson and Omar Martin jumped into the debate with posts of their own. Perhaps that is an indicator that someone with a high Klout score actually does have some influence. Or maybe it’s just an indicator that we all need to get a life. Who knows.

Many of the posts being made were asking questions, while many were mocking Klout. Some were pretty funny. For those of you that feel Klout has no significance in the world, I’d like to offer a counter argument and list a few ways real people are using Klout scores to their benefit.

1. Social Media consultants often deal with companies that have no clue where to begin or how to pick who they will hire to help them. A social media guru can easily explain Klout to these people as the leading company that tabulates social media influence and use a comparison chart of their score versus their competitors.

2. It is a fact that MANY conference organizers look at Klout scores when deciding who they will hire for keynote speaking engagements. Brad Gosse (and probably Joel Comm) can offer personal testimony to this.

3. It is a fact that MANY employers consider Klout scores when deciding on who to hire. Certainly a Klout score will not come into play when applying for a job at McDonalds, but for positions where influence is a factor, having a high Klout score could mean the difference between getting a high paying job and going back to the want ads. Wired and Forbes have both documented actual cases of Klout being a factor in high paying employment hiring decisions.

4. In our community, we often talk about perceived value of products. Selling videos? Strip out the sound for “10 audio lessons you can listen to in your car”. Same content, just in another format. Perceived value doesn’t have to only apply to a product. It can apply to a person or a brand, as well. If your goal is to build a large platform, your target audience has a lot of choices on who to trust and who to follow. The one who appears more influential will win every time. Klout is one tool that can help in that perception.

5. For the consumer that could care less about building audiences or getting speaking gigs, it is still beneficial to show that you have influence. Wired magazine predicts, “people with formidable Klout will board planes earlier, get free access to VIP airport lounges, stay in better hotel rooms, and receive deep discounts from retail stores and flash-sale outlets.” Again, Brad Gosse can attest to this being true, as he has received hotel upgrades, simply because of his high score. Businesses don’t care if your Klout is from being a well known author or just an influencial person in your sewing circle. What matters is they see that when you speak, people listen and interact and they want to make sure when you mention their name that it is all good things.

So there is just a sample of how Klout scores can help you. Realtors, attorneys, and other professionals are seeing and documenting actual case studies on how their Klout scores have helped them obtain clients. Care or don’t care… that is certainly your choice. I just hope that I have been able to show you some of the benefits.

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