Is the American Dream Dead?

Every few years, especially in hard economic times, there is an onslaught of articles about the American Dream being dead. The authors of articles like this clearly never understood what the American Dream is in the first place.

The American Dream is alive and well, not just in the Internet marketing genre, but across the board. Those that have the desire to succeed in their chosen field, can succeed if they learn what it takes and implement that knowledge.

Hard economic times are actually a great time to fulfill the American Dream. In times like these, people are searching for the most amount of value for their dollar. This is an outstanding opportunity for those that can grasp that and provide high value for a low amount of money.

For a good example of this, just look at the businesses that prosper during a bad economy.  Move theaters do very well in this type of atmosphere.  You get a couple of hours of solid entertainment for around $9.  Bowling alleys do well for the same reason.  McDonalds does well, because they market their value hard.  How many fast food restaurants have added a “value menu” in the last few years?

Your Internet marketing should share the same attributes as what I’ve just described:  provide good value for your customer’s dollar.  And your marketing campaigns should point this out.

It doesn’t matter if you run an adult niche site that caters to the women wearing clothing made out of bird feathers fetish or if you have an online course that teaches people how to paint portraits of pregnant giraffes.  The main thing is that you must provide value to your customers in a bad economy.

The American Dream is alive and well.  You simply need to adjust it to the current economic times.

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