It IS Your Fault

The other day, I made a post on the Warrior Forum stating that I am over the “It’s not your fault” sales techniques.  You know, where a marketer tells you, “You’ve been lied to by the ‘gurus’ and if you stop listening to them and start listening to me, you will finally succeed.”  Barf!

I get the concept.  Nobody wants to take responsibility for their own failures, so you lure them in by giving them a scapegoat.  I also get that it works.  It uses the number one rule of copywriting, which is to yank on the emotional strings of the reader, but there are a lot of ways to yank those strings.  Scapegoat marketing is not one that I like to use.

There’s no doubt the method works.  You can sell a lot of product to newbies using this method, but I prefer selling products that help people build a business the right way and then remarket to those customers with solutions that will streamline their business even more.  Scapegoat marketing usually targets the rotating door of newbies entering the marketplace each month.  “Next in line, please!”

I prefer the truth.

The truth can be harsh at times and it can hurt people’s feelings, but ultimately the truth is the wake up call that many folks need to see what has really been going on in their lives.

The post I made on Warrior Forum read:

I am sooo sick of seeing the “It’s not your fault” line in sales copy and email.

It’s always such a negative message… i.e. “The gurus lied to you. It’s not your fault.”

How about saying something truthful, like, “You’re too lazy to build a real business and too busy searching for a magic button that makes you rich. It IS your fault!”

Quite the response that got.

There were some that hit the thanks button and posted how they agree, others that stated it works and that’s that.  One even got a little irate.  (Getting irate on a chat forum was something that never made sense to me.)  In one of his posts, he wrote:

Tell it to Kennedy, Carlton, Bly, and a few others. They obviously had it wrong all these years. Might explain why they are all broke and washing dishes for a living.

Obviously, a sarcastic remark telling me that all the successful marketers are using this scapegoat marketing tactic.

I decided to check it out.  I Googled Mr. Carlton.  The first thing I found was a page about making 2012 a better year.  How did Mr. Carlton start that message?  With this:

If you tried, really really hard, and weren’t successful last year…
… it was probably mostly your own damn fault.

I guess that means he must be washing dishes now ; )

Two points to this blog post

Point 1.  While scapegoat marketing may work, it is not the only tactic that works.  When choosing a selling technique that is right for you, make sure there is a good balance of what converts well and what makes you feel good.  If you can’t sleep at night, all the money in the world won’t make you happy.

Point 2.  Carlton is right.  If you are following bad advice or consistently looking for a magic product that will make your rich on autopilot, it IS your fault that you have not succeeded in Internet marketing.  You need to lose the dream of Internet marketing being a lazy man’s way to riches and start realizing that it takes hard work and discipline to build a business.

This brings me back to what I have been saying for years, “Do what the gurus do, not what they teach.”  You will find that most gurus that teach all that magic bullet stuff actually work very hard marketing it.

Now, go ahead and post your thoughts below.

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