Jenny McCarthy Benefits from Social Media Backfire


Jenny McCarthy posed a question on Twitter, this week. The former Playmate and host of The View asked what the ideal personality trait of a mate would be. The results were not what she had expected… or were they?

McCarthy is somewhat controversial for her beliefs on child vaccination. She believes vaccinating her child was directly responsible for her son developing autism. She also believes she cured her child’s autism by feeding him a gluten free diet. These beliefs have been widely criticized and shot down by much of the scientific community, however, her public status has lead to a large following of other believers.

Her Twitter post about the ideal mate turned into a backlash of responses from people who believe she is single handily leading a movement that will pose a threat to society. McCarthy responded to the negative comments by thanking them for raising her “Q Score” and keeping the job offers flowing.

The following is a sample of the replies and her response.




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3 Responses to "Jenny McCarthy Benefits from Social Media Backfire"

  1. E Brian Rose says:

    Comments are cool. What are your thoughts of Jenny?

  2. Brad Hines says:

    I always thought she was funny in a crazy kind of way

  3. Mark Oden says:

    what did she say? I never know. I'm struck deaf by her sexiness. Is that a word?

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