Jobs: Americans are Asking the Wrong Question

From talk radio to political conventions and right down to the line at the grocery store, America is talking about job creation.  They want to know who will improve it and how they will do it.  I believe these are the wrong questions.

Let’s take a look at the term “job creation”.  Private sector jobs are not created by government.  They are not created by a single candidate.  They are created from a void that needs to be filled when a business grows.  Asking the question “How do we create more jobs?” is a bit like pulling a cart before a horse.  The real question should be “How can we create more businesses and grow those businesses to the point where they need to hire more people?”

The answers do not lie in government.  In fact, the less a government interferes with the process of growing a business, the more room that business has to grow.  The answer lies within you, the American citizen, the entreprenuer.  You are the answer to business creation and eventually job creation.

I have successfully created businesses over the last decade.  I spend my time traveling the country teaching people to do the same.  Along my travels, I meet others who are also successfully building businesses, and despite the rhetoric you have been hearing lately, we did this ourselves.  No magic wand was dropped out of the sky, no lotteries were won, and no politician marked our skin with a special success tattoo.  We built these businesses ourselves.

More notebly, my business, and most of the businesses my acquaintences built, do not rely on heavy financial investments.    There is not any inventory to stock, no vehicles to buy, and no loans to secure.  My business is information.  I gather and sell information that people want.  I am an info-marketer.  This is the type of business that anybody can build, regardless of race, religion, upbringing, education, or wealth.  It is a business limited solely by how much I am willing to search for solutions to other people’s problems.

Have you ever wondered why Google is such a successful company?  It is because people are always in need of information, solutions to their problems.  How do you get rid of acne?  Google it.  How can I breed my chihuahua?  Google it.  The answers are out there, but more importantly, the need for such information is endless.

The Internet is fertile ground for creating and growing a business that provides answers to the world’s never ending hunger for information.  Websites like eBay, Amazon, and JVZoo make it easy for you to market knowledge in the form of simple to create eBooks, MP3 files, and videos.

But it starts with your own hunger.  You need to have the desire to better your own life, the willingness to put in the work, and that hunger to succeed.  The blueprint for success is one of the easiest I know of – figure out what information people want and make it available to them.  Four hundred million Google searches a day should tell you something.

My suggestion to America is to stop looking to the candidates to solve your employment issues and start looking in the mirror.

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