Joel Bauer: The Accidental Viral Video Master

A couple of years ago, I was a speaker at the final StomperNet event in Las Vegas.  I rarely watch the other speakers at events I am presenting at, however, I met a character named Joel Bauer at the bar that peaked my interest.  He was slated as the last speaker and I knew I wanted to see his “show”.

Joel Bauer is what he calls an “infotainer”.  He travels the world making a living by telling people how he makes a living.  You can think about that for a while, but it will only make your head hurt.

Like a rock star, Bauer was late hitting the stage.  When he finally came on, I couldn’t tell if it was arrogance or confidence, but he was certainly oozing something.  For a little over an hour, Bauer told us how great he was and how we could be just as great by joining him at his live retreat and learning his ways.  Price: $10,000.

I marveled at this guy’s closing techniques.  He sold at least a dozen people by the end of his presentation.  How do I know?  Because he brought up the buyers, one by one, and presented them like they were celebrities, which caused more and more people to want to be included, thus dishing out their own ten grand.

After his presentation, I laughed with some of the attendees and other speakers as we discussed what we just saw.  Some were appalled by him, others were enthralled.  One thing we all agreed on was that we were entertained.

A few weeks later, I found out Bauer was a YouTube hero, having made a video that went viral and was seen by millions.  The video was called “Your Business Card is CRAP!”  He later Repeated the viral success with another video that I still crack up at everytime I watch it.  It’s about how he packs for business trips.  While the packing is pretty impressive, it’s Bauer’s persona, attitude, charisma, and ridiculous quotable one liners that make the video so watchable.

Why did these videos go viral?  Joel Bauer will tell you it’s because they are so useful.  Others will tell you it’s because they are so comical.  Does it matter?  Not to Bauer.  The only thing that matters to him are the results and these videos have resulted in numerous network TV appearances, which in turn result in more exposure and more money in his pocket.  Think about that.

I have posted both videos below…



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