Joint Venture List Building Snowball Effect

People call me all the time to tell met how frustrating it is to build their lists.  They tell me that they are doing all the steps that they have learned, but are frustrated at how long it takes them to get a large enough list to market to.  My usual reaction is to tell them that they are an idiot and hang up on them.  I hate phone calls.

First of all, a list of one name is large enough to market to.  Second, once you have a few names, it is easy to snowball that list into a much larger list with a joint venture, or JV as the cool kids say.

If you have followed my simple steps to building a list, then you should have a few names to get the ball rolling.  I go into further detail in my free report, so make sure you grab a copy of that using the form on the upper right of my blog.

In the Internet Marketing (IM) world, the term Joint Venture usually refers to list swapping.  Here’s how it works…

Let’s say that you are a total newbie and have a list of 50 names.  You find other people with lists of a similar amount and you do a swap.  That means that you send a an email blast that contains his ad copy to your list and your JV partner sends your ad copy to his list.

The key to successfully snowballing your list is to offer something for free in your ad copy and direct visitors to your one page website that gives them an opportunity to signup to your mailing list in exchange for an instant download of your free gift.  Your JV partner will likely do the same.  Even though both of you have small lists, you are now exposing your free giveaway to another list that has already proven to be responsive to these types of offers, thus increasing the size of your list.

If you picked up 25 new list members, you can now repeat the step with a different person that has a list of 75 members.  You can do more than one swaps at a time, as well.

In my free report, I give you a number of places where you can find JV partners with lists of any size.  You can get that free report on the top right corner of any page at my website.

The biggest mistake that people make in IM joint ventures is that the ad copy that they give to their swap partner is nothing more than an affiliate link to somebody else’s Clickbank product.  How the heck are you going to build your list like that?

Save the affiliate links for your own list.  When marketing to somebody else’s list, the number one goal should be for those list members to join your list.

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