JVZoo.com Celebrates One Year, More than 25 Million Buy Buttons Seen

I can remember when JVZoo was just an idea rattling around in my brain.  I kept it hush hush for quite some time, secretly speaking with coder after coder, but I never felt comfortable with a single one of them.

Never giving up hope, I brought the idea to Bryan Zimmerman, a fellow marketer that I had a great deal of respect for.  Zim fell in love with the concept and immediately started adding ideas that I had yet to think of.  He recommended we get Chad Casselman on a three way call.  Chad and I met briefly at a conference once, but I had no idea he had the coding skills needed to pull this off.

The call went amazingly well.  The three of us seemed in sync with every step.

We then recruited some rock star marketers and formed an advisory board.  The ideas flowed like water and JVZoo was on its way to creation.

Fast forward twelve months (and more than 25 million buy button views) later and JVZoo.com is growing faster than ever.  It is a great honor knowing that I have played a major role in creating jobs and in the success of tens of thousands of online marketers.  I am thankful to have great partners, a fantastic staff, and community full of like-minded entrepreneurs.

So, on the weekend of our first birthday, I want to thank each and every one of you that have helped make JVZoo what it is today.  Thank you for your business, thank you for your loyalty, thank you for your suggestions, and most of all, thank you for your friendship.

It’s been a great ride, so far.  Raise your glass to many more productive years to come!

Please feel free to share your JVZoo stories below!

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