List Building Tip: Missing the Boat Can be a Good Thing

I often hear budding Internet marketers whining about missing the boat.  They read about how so many affiliates made a killing on this or that and they say, “man, I wish I got in on that.”  Well, sometimes there is opportunity even after that boat has sailed.

A little over a week ago, Jeff Walker launched his new product called “Product Launch Formula”.  This was a major launch in the IM world and many affiliates promoted it heavily.  If you tried to buy AdWords PPC during launch week, it would have cost you a pretty good amount per click.

Fast forward to today.  Product Launch Formula is now closed.  They are no longer accepting new buyers and therefor all of the affiliates have moved on to the next best thing.  The only AdWords PPC ad that is up is from Jeff.  If you click it, it takes you to a page that says that the course is sold out, but you can get on the mailing list to be notified when the course opens again.

This leaves a nice window of opportunity for you to take advantage of folks that do not know that the product is now closed.  With all of the fanfare that surrounded this product, it is a safe bet to assume that people are still Googling it.

How do you take advantage of this?  The same way Jeff is.  Create a squeeze page for Product Launch Formula.  On that squeeze page, alert your visitors that the program is sold out, but you will let them know as soon as spots are available again, just like Jeff is doing.  You can even promise them a free report or ebook on product launching that is available to them instantly after they opt-in.

Now, set up an AdWords campaign and bid the bare minimum.  If your squeeze page is optimized correctly, then you should have no problem getting a high AdWords quality score and very low bid price.  Bid the minimum and your ad will appear on the top right of the sponsored links.

Outsource Force is another product that went off with huge fanfare.  There are still lots of searches for it, but ZERO AdWords campaigns targeting it.

Taking advantage of lingering traffic from past events or product launches is a great way build a list.

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