Make More Money by Keeping it Simple

This lesson can be summed up with the frequently heard mantra of K.I.S.S., which stands for “Keep it Simple, Stupid”.

One of the biggest mistakes info product creators make is including too much information in each product.  Sure, we all want to provide value in our products, but overwhelming your customers with too much information or filling your product with fluff, just to make it bigger, does not make it better.  Your goal should be to pinpoint a problem and provide a solution.

Want to lose ten pounds?  Buy my product.

Want to a remedy for dry skin?  Buy my product.

Want more traffic to your website?  Buy my product.

One problem, one solution.

Even if you know more than your fair share of ways to make your customer’s problems disappear, stick to the one problem, one solution formula for your info products.  You can save those other ways for future problem solving products that you can sell as follow up, one time offer (OTO), or even use as a bonus.

Assuming you have done your niche research and have chosen a niche that you have an interest in and feel that there are enough people interested in it to make a profit, it’s time to get started.

The first thing you will need to do, no matter which method of attack you choose, is make a list of common problems in your niche.  Here are some ideas for various niches:

  • Can’t lose tummy fat
  • Constant itching is driving you crazy
  • No idea how to get a better job
  • You don’t know how to negotiate car prices
  • Your website has no traffic

Once you have a list of problems in your niche, choose the problem that is most common and start thinking of ways to convey the solution.  If you don’t know the solution, then it’s time to start Googling.  The Internet has the answers.  It is your job to find them and convey them to your customers in an easy to follow manner.

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