More Sales & More Affiliates the McDonalds Way

If you want to attract more affiliates and make more money with your products, pay close attention to this post.

money-friesWhen you buy a burger at a fast food restaurant, they ask you if you want fries and a drink with it.  When you buy a value meal that includes fries and a drink, they ask if you want to supersize them.  These upsells are part of what we call  a “sales funnel” and they are the cornerstone of every successful business – from McDonalds to car dealers to Internet marketers.

In the Internet marketing world, we often refer to upsells as a “one time offer” or an “OTO”.  After a purchase is made, the buyer is taken to a page with a chance to buy a related product, usually at a price the buyer cannot refuse.

If you are not offering these one time offers, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

OTOs can be any number of different things.  If your front end product is an eBook, you can offer a simple PDF with advanced techniques as your upsell.  Software, plugins, or videos that compliment your front end offer work well, too.

Don’t Stop at Just One

Most savvy marketers that are making a nice living online understand the power of the one time offer.  The buyer has already shown you they are the ideal prospect.  They have money, they have your trust, and they are already in the buying mode (with their credit card in hand).  There is no better time to ask them to buy something from you.

Those that really understand the power of the OTO, know they can and should offer more than just one.  If they bought twice, they are likely to buy again.  Start adding more than one OTO and you will see an increase in your bottom line rather quickly.

No No No

Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t take no for an answer”?  If your buyer turns down the upsell, you should send him to what we call a “downsell”.  This can be a smaller version of the original upsell or even just a different way of paying.  For example, if your upsell costs $99, you may offer a downsell that allows the buyer to make two or three smaller payments.

Size Does Matter

When it comes time to recruit affiliates to promote your product, you will see they are very receptive to products with a large funnel.  As an affiliate, wouldn’t you want an opportunity to make multiple sales per customer, rather than just one?  Of course, you would!

If you are using JVZoo as your affiliate platform, your affiliates will only have to sign up for the affiliate link to your first product.  The rest of the products in your funnel will automatically be cookied to them.

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