Re: The Mailing List You’re On

I know that you probably subscribe to several mailing lists that are similar to mine.

Do you ever wonder where all of those free offers come from and what the purpose of them is?

Well, whenever you get an email that says “My friend is offering such and such for free”, it is usually the product of what we call a “JV swap”.

List owners often make deals with other list owners to send out one anothers email to their respective lists.  Most of the time these emails are for an offer of a free ebook or some sort of software.

Why?  Well, swaps are done for one reason only: to increase the size of mailing lists.  In order to get that freebie, you must opt-into a another list, thus increasing the marketing capability of that list owner.

Sometimes, the free offer is great and is worth the “price” of entering your email address.  Other times, the offer is crap.

It boggles my mind when I try and figure out why a list owner would even consider sending out a crappy offer or canned email to their mailing list.  I get that the whole idea is to build your list, but in doing so, you are pissing off the existing members and causing many of them to hit the unsubscribe link.

Can you say counterproductive?

I get dozens of requests for list swaps every day and they are shocked when I tell them that I must pre-approve the offer before presenting it to my mailing list.

Others are perplexed when I tell them that I won’t send out their canned email that dozens of other marketers are also sending out.  They can’t grasp the fact that I like to be personal with my

These are the type of marketers that will send you copy and pasted “reviews” of products that were written by the product creator.

These are the type of marketers that will send you emails with a subject line that says “You have made a sale” and the like.

These are the type of marketers that have no idea how much money they are losing by not using their brain and every once and a while even attempting to provide value to their list members.

I am not writing this email to discourage list swaps or you from taking advantage of some great freebies.  I am writing this to give you an indicator of whose list to remain a member of and whose list to hit the unsubscribe link on.

Earlier this week, I sent out a list of things that I don’t like about email marketers’ lists.  I receive LOTS of replies from folks that added their dislikes.  My only question is why would you stay
a member of a mailing list where you despise the person that is emailing you?

If you are constantly bombarded with copy and paste fake reviews, hit the unsubscribe link.

If you are constantly bombarded with nothing but list swap type emails, hit the unsubscribe link.

If you are constantly bombarded with emails that have no value whatsoever, hit the unsubscribe link.

With that being said, I hope you remain a member of my list!

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