The Easiest Info Product You can Create

More and more of you are catching on to the fact that we are information brokers and people are willing to pay good money for information they need.

For those of you that still think creating an info product is difficult, have you ever considered simply selling a list of businesses you use to make things easier?

Over the past year, I have been seeing quite a few marketers making a killing by simply putting lists together of their favorite resources.

Tim Castleman recently sold a list of his favorite Fiverr gigs. He did really well.

David Eisner made buku bucks selling a list of his most reliable solo ad partners.

Kim Roach is crushing it by offering a list of her favorite ghost writers, graphic designers, and virtual assistants.

We are information brokers and people are willing to pay for information we have. The list of marketers catching on to this is growing by the day.

Your Rolodex, cell phone address book, and even the bookmarks on your browser just might be your most valuable assets. So, start putting those lists together and start making some money with easy to create products.

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