The Easiest Niche to Make Money In

I get a lot of emails, texts, skypes, and private messages asking all kinds of things about making money online.  Surprisingly, I rarely get asked about what niches are the easiest to make money in.

I think the reason that question doesn’t come up much is because so many budding IMers have already been convinced that to make money online, you have to teach others how to make money online.  This not only sounds absurd, it is absurd!

Think about where IMers spend their time.  They frequent chat forums like the Warrior Forum and Digital Point.  They are constantly learning the latest tricks and techniques to capture leads, make sales, and upsell customers.

Marketing to marketers is hard work!

They already know what to expect from you.  They analyze your every move.  They know that that free product you are offering is just bait to get them on your mailing list.  They’ve seen it all before.  They know what you are going to do before you even do it.

Why on earth would you want to market to marketers?

Now take all those marketing tricks and use them on somebody that is searching for information about training their beagle or making soap or getting their ex-girlfriend back.  Do you think that these people are raising an eyebrow with every click of the mouse?  Or are they just happy that they found a place where they can get a free ebook on the subject that they are searching about?  The later is your answer.

Another reason that budding IMers should not be in the make money online niche is because they haven’t done it themselves yet.  Don’t try and teach magic to a magician if you don’t even own a silk cape.

And then there’s the fame factor.  While most of us are in this business to make money, there are quite a few that are in it to become famous.  They have figured out that they will never play bass guitar for Van Halen or third base for the New York Yankees, but they figure they have a shot at becoming the next online guru.  A few screen shots of their ClickBank account and the chicks will come swooning in.  Unlikely, my friends.

Look, I’m certainly not one to knock somebody for being a ham, but I will say to all those rock star wannabes that you need to know what you’re talking about before you can become a famous “guru”.

For those of you that started reading this article because the title led you to believe that I was going to reveal the secret niche that money is pouring out of, I’m sorry.  What I will offer you is the fact that the money is not in the “make money online” niche, at least it’s not for you yet.

I’ll end this article with a tip on where you can find profitable niches, though… and without busting your butt on research.  This is actually a tip that Brittany Lynch gives out on her webinars.  Go to  If they published a book on the topic, then you can bet there is an audience for it.

Just stay away from the make money online niche, until you have actually made money online.

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