The Truth About Where to Find Quality Content

One common question that I get all the time is “How do I find content writers?”  I especially get this from my Google News students, for obvious reasons.  Well, finding good writers is actually a very easy process.

Back in the day, I was the owner and publisher of a print magazine and I was paying upwards of 25 cents a word for quality articles.  If that sounds high to you, then consider that some of the larger magazines pay $1.25 or more per word for their content.

Ever since I started cruising the Internet marketing forums, I found that IMers seem to not care about the quality of content that they publish.  They are interested in one thing only… cheap articles.  They are happy to pay 99 cents for a 600 word article, no matter what the quality is.  As most of you have learned in life already, you get what you pay for.

I am well aware that this blog post is going to get blasted by some writers that will claim that they absolutely do create quality content for those prices.  If that is the case, then my message to them is that they are greatly undervaluing their work and selling themselves short.

If you can round up some of those people that really do charge 99 cents for quality content, then by all means, take advantage of their ignorance!

A lot of “gurus” tell you to find cheap content writers at places like Elance or O-Desk.  Can you find writers there?  Sure you can.  You may even find some quality writers too, but one thing is for certain, you will find a lot of crap there, as well.  You will spend a countless number of hours weeding through broken English and content that was written for a third grade reading level.  If time is money to you, then ask yourself why you would want to spend days sifting through rubble.

So, where do you find quality writers?  The answer is all around you!  The best way to find a good writer for your website is to go directly to the writers that you already know.

If you read a blog post or article on a website and you like the writing style, then email that writer directly.  Ask them how much they would charge for your project or ongoing work.  It is almost a certainty that the price will be higher than if you booked a gig on one of the freelance sites, but the time that you will save and the quality of your content will be well worth the investment.

These days, most Internet marketers want nothing more than to fill up pages and hope to get found and indexed by Google.  If you fall into that category, then ignore everything that you just read.  But, if you are looking to build a quality website and build a list of loyal followers, then you will need quality content.  I can assure you that the later option pays a heck of a lot more than filling your pages with lousy 99 cent articles.

EDIT:  I wanted to add that college students are also a great source.  I teach that to my GN students, but forgot to add it here.  This was pointed out to me in an email that I received from somebody that also pointed out my bad grammar.  While my spelling and grammar could certainly use a kick in the a**, my response was that I am not a writer for hire and don’t hold myself to the same standards as someone who charges money for the service.

(Side Note:  When I was growing up, we had a typewriter that looked just like the one in the picture above!)

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