Tip for Acquiring High PR Domain Names

A couple of years ago, I took a month off.  I didn’t check my email or even so much as turn the computer on for thirty days.  Instead, I got drunk.  Every day.  When I came back to reality, I realized that I forgot to renew a PR 5 domain name and it was lost forever.  The new owner said that he would sell it back to me for a few thousand.  I had visions of killing his goldfish.

Apparently, there are more people that do this drinking thing and lose high Page Rank domain names.  Here is a little tip on how you can take advantage of these people and snatch their dreams right out from under them.  OK, so it’s not quite that dramatic.  Just keep an eye on your goldfish.

P.S. Maybe my story didn’t quite happen like I said. Maybe I just kept putting the renewal on the backburner until it was too late. I would rather you think of me as a drunk than a moron ;)

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