To Charge or Not to Charge for Content

free versus paid contentThere’s a conundrum many experts have about not knowing what content to give away for free and what content to charge for. You want to give enough away in emails, blogs, and social media posts to gain a following, but then you’re afraid if you give away your best stuff, you will have nothing left to charge money for.

It’s a valid concern.

So, what’s the answer? Stop thinking about it in monetary forms and start realizing that every time you write something, make a video, or do an interview, you should be revealing your best content on the given topic.

Just because somebody didn’t pay money for access to your work, doesn’t mean you’re not getting something in return from their reading it. If the content is good, they will click the Like button or even share it with a Tweet. That is valuable to you, because it gets more eyeballs on your work, which creates more fans, which generates more sales for the stuff you do charge money for.

If your “free” content isn’t your best stuff, then why would anybody take the time to pass it along to their friends and colleagues? The answer is they wouldn’t.

When doing a webinar or stage presentation, I try to include real training and valuable takeaways, even if I’m selling the same type of material as an info product at the end of that presentation. The product may be the exact same information I just gave away for free, just an expanded version or alternative format of what I just taught.

If you’re going to be seen, be seen for the expert you are. Your free content is your brand advertising. Don’t advertise that you are average. Advertise that you are AWESOME.

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