Use Faux Videos to Significantly Increase Squeeze Page Conversions

For years, I was convinced that video squeeze pages were the end all be all of squeeze pages.  I would create a video enticing the visitor to enter their contact info, so they could get my free giveaway on the other side.

Man, was I wrong!

Well, not all the way wrong.  Video is still a key factor in my squeeze pages, but instead of showing them the video, I show a tease.  I started using “faux videos” in my squeeze pages and my conversion rate more than doubled.  These are images that look like playable videos, but it’s just an image.  To actually watch the video, they must opt-in.

Here is a download link to a transparent png image of a video player and play button.  It is transparent, so you can place it over any image you want, using almost any image editor.

Here’s an example of a squeeze page using a “faux video”.  Keep reading to see how I made money with this.

You see what I did there?  I took a normal picture and added the overlay of the faux player, like so…

The more intriguing or enticing the image in your faux video, the better the response.  For example, I created the above squeeze page to build a list in the “how to get a date” niche.  The page consisted of only a headline, faux video, and opt-in form.  This was my best converting squeeze page of all time.

To get traffic to the page, I bought some solo ads from marketers that had lists in that niche.

TIP: A good way to find people with lists in your niche is to seek out other squeeze pages in your niche.  You can then send them an email with an offer for a solo mailing.  Some will say no, some will ignore you, but some will say yes.

Before the solo ad mailing, I set up a series of follow up emails in my autoresponder.  These emails contained affiliate links to some of the best selling info products on the market.  It was quite the return of investment (ROI)!

Oh, by the way the video on the “other side” wasn’t made by me.  Instead, I created a page that said I scoured the Internet looking for the best massage techniques you can use.  I then posted five YouTube videos on the page and they loved it.

Interstitial Ads

Another great use for faux video is in interstitial advertisements.  Interstitial ads appear between two content pages.  They are also known as transition ads and splash pages.

Adam Schneller Nolan recently told me he was getting 21% clickthrough rates from U.S. visitors using these types of faux video images in interstitial ads… that’s huge!

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