Vegas, Shoemoney, StomperNet, Oh My

I get excited anytime I have an excuse to get back to Vegas, but this time I am super excited because I will be one of the keynote speakers at Stompernet LIVE.  Please let me know if you will be at the event.  I’d love to meet up with you.  The details are in the presser below.

Las Vegas, NV — World class Internet marketers Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker and E. Brian Rose have been tapped for keynote speaker roles at StoperNet LIVE 10, a three day marketing and networking event to be held in Las Vegas.

StomperNet is an online membership site for budding and experienced Internet entrepreneurs.  The site teaches cutting edge techniques and provides real world blueprints for creating wealth online.

Jeremy Schoemaker’s affiliate marketing blog has a loyal readership of 30,000 people per day.  The site has been named the Best Affiliate Marketing Blog and ranks in Technorati’s top 50 blogs for the past three years.

Schoemaker, 36, has cashed in millions of dollars and now serves on the monetization board at Facebook.

E. Brian Rose may be new on the Internet Marketing radar, but he has been making a living online since the the late nineties. Rose, 37, has a knack for combining the things that he loves in life with his business and finds joy in teaching others to do the same.

A former TV news producer, Rose now teaches the art of becoming one of the most elite types of Google Publishers. His demonstrations on getting just about any keyword to the front page of Google within minutes are jaw-dropping.

StomperNet LIVE 10 will take place at the Tropicana Casino Resort in Las Vegas October 7th through 10th.  StomperNet CEO, Brad Fallon, says that this live event won’t be your garden variety Internet marketing seminar.

“We’re lining up the BEST slate of speakers and coaches… bona fide Internet marketing heavyweights… we’ve ever had,” Fallon states on the StomperNet LIVE website.  Each speaker is scheduled to give their best “Top Ten” under the radar marketing strategies.

In addition to Rose and Shoemaker, Stompernet Live 10 will feature keynote presentations by Ryan Lee, Mike Koenigs, Brad Fallon, Scott Zetlan, and Raymond Aaron.  More information can be found at

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